Contacting Me

What Forces of Habit and Intentional living means to me is constantly transforming. Recently it has taken the form of simplification. Taking note of how I have been using technical devices, I’d like the next few months simplified towards in person communication and whatever else I deem as crucial. What that means moving forward is that I will not allow myself to get wrapped up the classic model for communicating with others as it does not appeal to how I tend to distribute both my time and attention. After asking myself how I could be contactable, while also being sensitive to my headspace, I came up with the following solution: This contact page.

In an effort to increase productivity, efficiency, and simplicity I am beginning a new personal contact policy.

Going forward I will only be checking/responding to peoples from noon to 5pm on weekdays.

In addition, the only method for contacting me outside of a scheduled conversation will be email; This will be the best way to contact me, I will not be responding to any DM’s.

Nonetheless I will try and respond to email in a timely manner without neglecting the needs of my current commitments. If you need an immediate time-sensitive response, please don’t hesitate to call me. Call are more up my alley anyways. Hopefully this new approach to communication management will result in shorter response times with more focused & creative workflow on my part.

Understand my aim isn’t to block people out, quite the opposite actually, it is to give myself more deliberately to those who seek my attention.

So cheers & here’s to life outside of distractions and into a more deliberate interaction with others.