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Reading and journaling are a powerful combination. That meant if I wanted to really kick start my growth, I needed to find a way to take full advantage of both of them; the 52 in 52 challenge was born.  In 2017 I read one book every week for the entire year, and then condense the lessons from each book into 2-page journal entries using quotes, images, mnemonics, and thoughts. Covering a wide range of topics, these book summaries document my journey towards becoming an expert on the human. The journaling project taught me the value of deeply engaging with a text, as well as Reengaging with a text. I found that using this method I am able to compartmentalize the main ideas from each book while also synthesizing a larger schema of knowledge from all the books into a functional model for living more intentionally. Inspired by the experience I continue to do the journaling project each year. May these journal summaries inspire you to read, create, and share as much as they have me.

I will be posting new book summaries from my 52 in 52 journaling challenge and the further expanding book summary challenges until I hit 150. Why? Because 150 sounds good enough for an abstract yet achievable amount till I ought to reevaluate my challenge.







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