Forces of Habit is about living intentionally.

The ultimate vision of my life is to lead as a supporting actor. Fighting for results, but not credit. Serving others for the betterment of others. To recreate my world through self-discipline and patience. To inspire others to take control of their habit patterns and accept each moment as an opportunity to make all that encompasses their true identities come to fruition.

Self-regulation has become a core theme in my life; It's sort of an obsession really. I've learned a about range of topics–psychology, neuroscience, consumer behavior, meditation, diet and more–to reveal the ‘Forces’ that impact my pursuit of discovering who I am, and how to realistically get where I want to be.

Forces of Habit is a site created to help me become a professional at the art of living, with faith that sharing my journey could one day inspire someone to do the same. Here I’ll share books, thoughts, ideas, and whatever that I've found to be the most helpful in supporting personal growth and self-development.

I invite you to join me on my effort to learn, document, and share my journey in becoming.